About C-Style Homes

We believe there is an increasing desire by New Zealanders to either build their own home, or project-manage the building of their own home. The Government has introduced new laws to enable DIY'ers to build their own homes (see http://www.dbh.govt.nz/builditright-homeowners-owner-exemptions).

C-Style Homes is here to help. We provide assistance with design development, then supply the "Bones" of your house, giving you as much control in the process as you choose.

If you need a qualified builder to help with part or all of your project we can help with that too, the key point is that YOU make the choices.

All our homes are based on a steel frame and truss. Why? Because we believe steel to be a product that saves time during the build, and provides a far superior finish to the entire project.

What are the benefits of a C-Style Home?

  • You save money, through controlling the process and "doing as much of it yourself" - as you choose.
  • This service is available in rural and urban districts, from Northland to the Bluff, to our outlying Islands, to our Pacific neighbours, and to the world at large.
  • You are able to select from our range of plans, use your existing plans, or we will help you develop your ideas based on your own plan or concept.

How the process works:

  • Pre-fabricated Floor, Wall and Roof framing are delivered to your site.
  • This allows you as either the DIY home builder, the Project Manager or the Professional Builder/Tradesperson the ability to manage your build project’s pace and price.